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Reasons to buy ROKiT Fortezza

An E-bike is no sweat

Need to get somewhere in a hurry, and not be sweaty when you arrive? An electric bicycle lets you use the pedal-assist to help power through hills and long sretches, so you can give yourself a rest. You can pedal when you want, and rest in between. You'll get there fresher and faster, and you will literally never run out of gas.

An E-Bike is faster than the average traffic speed

Like it or not, any city slicker knows this to be true. On an e-bike, you can avoid all the traffic jams and obstacles that the typical urban congestion delivers. Plus, you don't need to find parking!

Your other car is an E-bike

Minimal upkeep, no monthly insurance costs, and easy to park. Your e-bike can be used for running errands, commuting, or just riding around the neighborhood — and it's significantly cheaper than purchasing a new car. Since it's a bicycle, your responsible teens can use it to easily get to and fro.

Riding an E-bike can still be exercise

Don't let the "e" part fool you. This is still a bicycle that can be pedaled. If you want to go out on a long ride for some exercise, no problem. Just pedal until you can't pedal anymore, and let your e-bike bring you back. Besides just getting you off the couch and releasing stress, it's good for your heart, lungs, and overall good spirits.

Go green

Besides the fact you'll save money at the pump, you will also be helping the environment. Riding your e-bike cuts down on emissions, lowers gas consumption, and equals one less car on the road. Besides enjoying all that extra fresh air, now the air is just a little fresher!

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