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Fortezza ROKiT Electric Bike Why Reserve Now? You can be one of the first

Did you know that there is currently a worldwide bike shortage? (Yes, this is a thing). By reserving your ROKiT Fortezza now, you're ensuring that your reservation will convert into an order. Don't get left on the side of the road – reserve your e-bike, and secure your place in line.

Don't Sweat It Electric Bike

Here's how it works:



Cruise to the front of the line for just $29, and be one of the first riders to receive the ROKiT Fortezza when they ship in July.



You’ll receive an email from us right before your bike is ready to ship. Then you can complete your transaction, and keep an eye out for your bike.



Your Fortezza will arrive 99% pre-assembled. Sweet! We ship to all 50 states for FREE. Enjoy your summer.

Why should I spend $29

Why not? It costs more than $29 to order late-night taco delivery. Your $29 secures your place in line for the ROKiT Fortezza. If you change your mind, no worries, your $29 is fully refundable.

Why can’t I just pay the full $999 upfront?

You could, but the ROKiT Fortezza is currently in production, and will not be shipping until July. This is an inexpensive way to reserve one of the best e-bikes in its class without breaking the bank. Financing options will become available soon, and payment plans will start as low as $30 per month once ROKiT Fortezza ships. We’ll email you when the Fortezza is ready to ship, and you’ll be billed for the full price then. If you get cold feet beforehand, you still have time to back out.

Can’t I just purchase my ROKiT Fortezza in July?

We’re in the midst of a global bike shortage. No, we’re not making this up. By reserving your ROKiT Fortezza now for $29, you are ensuring that you will be one of the first to receive your e-bike this summer. Not only are you getting an e-bike at a competitive price, but you will also receive free shipping and the ROKiT Fortezza will arrive at your doorstep 99% assembled. Sounds like $29 well spent to us.

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